Werewolves, called by some ‘the children of Atlantis'[*]
– Alan Moore

The phenomenon of the black dog has also been reported in Canada. The creature seen at Rous’ Brook, Nova Scotia, appears generally as a bright light, but can also be more tangible: one man (admittedly somewhat under the influence) who was foolhardy enough to face the thing that was following him, was attacked and nearly choked to death.[+] ‘It looked like a black dog,’ he said, but when it got him around the throat it seemed more like a person.[#]
[S. Sunderland, Soul Avatars, p.171]

The shooting of a man-eater gives one a feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction at having done a job which badly needed doing. Satisfaction at having out-manoeuvred, on his own ground, a very worthy antagonist. And, greatest satisfaction of all, at having a small portion of the earth safe for a brave little girl[~] to walk on.
[J. Corbett, The Temple Tiger and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon, p. 139]

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