Paris Eros

The >Imaginary Museum of Eroticism in Paris:

Paris, the city of life, has always symbolised eroticism and sinful pleasure.[*] But the city does not possess an erotic museum comparable to Berlin’s or Amsterdam’s. Hans-Jürgen Döpp has taken the liberty of constructing an imaginary museum there – a Paris where time and space are infinite[+], but desire is bound up in images.[#] Covering more than five centuries of naughty Parisian history, this volume has 230 full-color illustrations culled from private collections. Döpp provides a highly entertaining commentary.

Parkstone. Adult Material[~] — by ordering this item you are stating you are over 18 years of age. HCW, 9 x 12, 224 pp., FC.

[Bud Plant’s Incorrigible Catalogue (2004), p. 25]

[F. Colonna, Hypnerotomachia Polyphilii, p. 400]

[*] See >Foreplay.
[+] See >Daedalus.

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