Girl in Love, A

She was crying, but she was happy, and it suddenly seemed to her that this was the time to tell him her secret.[*]

“Sometimes,” she whispered, “when you are nice … when you make me feel the way I do now … I want to do anything you’d like.”

“And how do you feel now?” he inquired.

Clara hesitated, and then took the plunge, wondering whether she should have waited for him to speak first. “I love you,” she whispered very softly.

His face lit up[+], but he shook his head slowly. “You shouldn’t,” he replied. “I only make people unhappy.”

Clara was radiant now. “I expect to be unhappy,” she said. “Love always makes one unhappy, I think.” She couldn’t remember where she had heard that before, but she was sure it was true.[#]

“I’ll make you love me too,” she told him. “Just see if I don’t.” And she raised her slim arms and twined them around his neck, pulling him down to her once more. She took his prick in her warm lips again, nibbling on it, teasing its tip with her tongue, sucking at it with all the sensuous desire that was possessing her.[~]

“If you really mean …” Conrad began. And then his voice trailed off, and his hips moved to and fro in a frantic embrace that kept them both speechless. He realized very well that she had had no other teacher, and he was amazed that she could instinctively perform the act of love with such understanding. Even the cleverest of men cannot comprehend the possibilities of a girl in love.[$]

[The Sign of the Scorpion, pp. 176-78]

The path of an eagle in the sky, the track of a snake on a rock,
the course of a ship on the high seas, the ways of a girl in love
[Proverbs 30:19]

[*] See >Fotis.
[~] See >Oral Sex.

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