[Book II, section 6:]

... verum enimvero Fotis famula petatur enixe.
on the other hand, why not try to win over the maid Fotis?
Nam et forma scitula et moribus ludicra
It cannot be denied that she is beautiful, and free-spirited,
et prorsus argutula est.
and a good conversationalist.
Vesperi quoque cum somno concederes, et in cubiculum te deduxit comiter,
Yesterday evening when you went to bed, she led you softly into your room,
et blande lectulo collocavit, et satis amanter cooperuit,
and sweetly turned back the sheets, and tenderly tucked you in,
et osculato tuo capite quam invita discederet vultu prodidit,
and kissed your brow as if she were looking for an excuse to stay
denique saepe retrorsa respiciens substitit.
and kept on turning back to look longingly at you instead of going.
Quod bonum felix et faustam itaque, licet salutare non erit,
So you have an excellent chance – even if no good comes of it -
Fotis illa temptetur.
of seducing Fotis.

[Book III, section 20:]

Sic nobis garrientibus libido mutua et animos simul et membra suscitat:
Thus, as we conversed, mutual desire awoke both souls and members:
omnibus abiectis amiculis ac tandem denique intecti atque nudati
discarding all disguise we came together in nakedness
bacchamur in Venerem, cum quidem mihi iam fatigato
and held a bacchanal for Venus, until, having tired me out,
de propria liberalitate Fotis puerile obtulit corollarium,[*] iamque
of her own accord Fotis turned to obtain the lad’s reward,
luminibus nostris vigilia marcidis infusus sopor etiam
and so we continued our sports until slumber overcame us
in altum diem nos attinuit
at break of day.

[Apuleius, The Golden Ass, or Metamorphoses. ed. S. Gaselee. Loeb Classics, pp. 58 & 130]

[*] See >Xanthippe.

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