UFOs are:

· Spacecraft built by aliens from other planets.
· Craft built by a super race living inside the hollow Earth.
· Craft built, either by humans or aliens, in secret bases on the Earth’s surface.
· Craft developed by humans in the future which are travelling back in time.
· Craft reaching us from ‘other dimensions.’
· Products of leylines or patterns of earth energy which interact with our senses so that we see them as structured craft.
· ‘Purely psychological’ projections of the unconscious mind.

[S. Sunderland, Soul Avatars, p. 151]

Later, while he was reading a report in the newspaper about a Bigfoot sighting in Northern California, he began to recall certain details of his own encounter. It took some time to recover it all, but the interesting thing was that, until then, he had completely forgotten it[*], not even knowing what to say when a friend asked him how he had got the big dint in his car’s front grille.

[S. Sunderland, Soul Avatars, p. 123]

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