The father of the machine is Daedalus, who invented the potter’s wheel, the surveyor’s compass and the carpenter’s saw. He also made the artificial cow used by Queen Pasiphae when she desired to be mounted sexually by the king-bull Poseidon.

sex with a bull = the labyrinth / mind = death

Pasiphae gave birth to the Minotaur: half man (Minos) / half bull (Taurus). Daedalus was commissioned by King Minos, Pasiphae’s cuckolded husband, to build a maze, the labyrinth, to imprison the Minotaur. The labyrinth was meant to mirror the convolutions of the human mind. Minos was also, significantly, the judge of the dead.

[S. Sunderland, Soul Avatars, pp. 207-8]

13 lines / 7 faces
7 facets / 13 spaces

[*] See >Zodiac.

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