According to many Buddhists, a vast underground realm called Arghati lies beneath the high plateau of Central Asia. From within the tunnels of Arghati, according to the prophecy, the rightful King of the World will one day come forth:[*]

Before this happens, sometime around the end of the millennium, “Men will increasingly neglect their souls. The greatest corruption will reign on earth. They will become like bloodthirsty animals, thirsting for the blood of their brothers. … The crowns of kings will fall. … There will be a terrible war between all the earth’s peoples … entire nations will die … hunger will become widespread …. crimes unknown to law, unthinkable to the world will be committed.”

During this period of lawlessness, the prophecy continues, families will be dispersed and multitudes will cover the roads as the world’s “greatest and most beautiful cities … perish by fire.

“Within fifty years there will be only three great nations and, within the next fifty years there will only be eighteen years of peace. … Then the people of Arghati will leave their subterranean caverns and will reappear on the surface of the earth.”

[B. Seriton, Encyclopedia of Strange Phenomena, p. 234]

[*] See >Zodiac.

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