[Prophecies of 9/11]

The two boys who killed their classmates at Columbine High School in 1999 had a plan to hijack an aeroplane and fly it into a building. They abandoned it in favour of a massacre with semi-automatic weapons.[*]

At the time their plan seemed pure fantasy:

I awoke from a vivid dream in which a skyscraper was destroyed by low-flying aircraft. I felt sure at the time that it was in a very big city, probably New York, though the only evidence of that I have now is the notes I scribbled on my bedside pad:
plane – or planes?
the president recalled from – somewhere in the sun,
with palm trees
New York skyline

Valerie Kuragin of Bradford was questioned by the security services after she revealed the information above in a letter to the Daily Mail (published on October 29th, 2001). She stresses that it was a fairly low-key affair: “I had the impression they’d spoken to dozens of people before me, and were just interested in establishing that I had no links with any of the people who might have planned it.”

She’s not the only one. Thousands of people have reported disturbing or unusual dreams and premonitions from the period just before the atrocity. Many reported feelings of suffocation, as if they’d been buried alive. “It was like I’d become part of the ground itself,” said self-employed carpenter Scott Mayfield. Others spoke of burning bodies, smoke, falling sensations. Many of these visions were discussed with friends or relatives before the attacks took place.

In psychic terms, it appears to have been the equivalent of an earthquake measuring point ten or eleven on the Richter Scale.

[J. Flaxman, ‘Prophecies of 9/11’, Enigma (29/12/02), p.29]

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