One morning a couple of months ago, whilst on an errand for my husband,[*] I drove past my eldest daughter’s place. She has lived alone since her divorce and as it was a Thursday, and she worked, I was surprised to see her car in the driveway. Stopping the car, I walked down the side of the house to the door. The bedroom window was open and, as I passed it, I heard a low groaning coming from inside. Maternal instinct being what it is, my immediate thought was that Penelope was sick, so I looked through the window.

Penny was lying naked on the bed with a man, also naked, his head and tongue buried between her legs. I had read about oral sex, but had never seen it or experienced it — sex with my husband is very straight and (I have to admit), a little boring. He doesn’t believe in foreplay, but instead tends to climb on, then climb off again. I knew that I should leave but couldn’t, so transfixed was I by the scene in front of me.

Penny was writhing in ecstasy on the bed, thrusting her hips into her lover’s face, her hands pulling his head into her pussy, her moans becoming louder, her body shuddering as she reached her climax. As she lay still, the guy kissed his way across the swell of her belly and up to her tits, taking each nipple in his mouth in turn and sucking them to erection. Reaching for his cock, Penny pulled it towards her cunt, spreading her legs wide and giving a small squeal of delight as he entered her pussy and pushed his cock all the way into her.

My hand found its way inside the waist band of my slacks and my fingers were gently stroking my clit. I forced myself to leave, and when I reached home, tore my clothes off and threw myself on to the bed, caressing my tits and softly pinching my nipples as my hand moved down to my pussy and my fingers explored my impatient clit, bringing me to a shattering orgasm.

Images of Penny and the stranger tormented me for weeks. Penny had climaxed more in a single morning than I did in a month of sex with my husband, and the desire to have someone eat my cunt had become an obsession.

[Sisters 29 (11) (2004), pp. 7-8]

Penelope was Odysseus’s wife, famed for staying faithful & resisting all suitors during his twenty years of exile

[*] See >Xanthippe.

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