Oral Sex

Clara[*] was sucking him in a perfect frenzy, throwing her head to and fro and banging it up and down on the pillow. He knew he would spend in another moment … and that nothing could stop him now. He thought vaguely that it was a good idea to come once in her mouth before really fucking her, then he’d be sure to hold out for a long time when he was in her cunt. And then he forgot that and every thing else too as passion overcame him.

“Squeeze my balls,” he told her. She did as she was bid enthusiastically. “And … put one finger in at the back,” Conrad continued, his voice tight with desire. She sucked and sucked, her eyes tightly shut and her hands caressing all his sex. He asked her again, coaxingly. “I’m coming in just about a second, darling. Please put one finger in, just there.” He guided her hand between the cheeks of his bottom, but she drew it away. Then in a moment it was back again, wetted from her own dripping sex. The long index finger slid in and in, and Clara moved it to and fro as she sucked ecstatically on his throbbing prick.

Conrad gasped and jerked convulsively, almost falling across her face, and Clara found her mouth suddenly inundated with his jetting sperm. It was hot and salty and she swallowed with difficulty and a sense of shame, and then suddenly she was swallowing again, passionately, and wanting to.

[The Sign of the Scorpion, pp. 176-78]

Clara>Bianca – Mother-of-pearl

Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924), Polish novelist, author of Heart of Darkness (1899), Lord Jim (1900), Nostromo (1904) & The Shadow Line (1917)

[*] See >Zodiac.

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