Whatsoever man is filled with admiration for the spectacle of this sensible universe, let him next lift up his thoughts to the truer Reality which is its archetype.

There let him see all things in their intelligible nature, eternal not with a borrowed eternity, but in their proper consciousness and their proper life; their captain also shall he see, the uncontaminable Intelligence and the Wisdom that passes approach, and the true age of Kronos, whose name is Fullness.

Captain Kronos, whose name is Fullness

For in him are embraced all deathless things, every intelligence, every god, every soul, immutable forever.

It is well with him: what should he seek to change?

He has all things present to him: whither should he move?[*]

He did not at first lack this blessed state, then win it: all things are his in one eternity, and the true eternity is his, which time does but mimic; for time must fetch the compass of the Soul, ever throwing a past behind it, ever in chase of a future.

[Plotinus, The Enneads, trans. S. McKenna, p. 144]

ever in chase of a future

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