Young, Edward (1683-1765)

The Complaint,
or Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality (1742-1745):

There’s no prerogative in human hours.
In human hearts what bolder thought can rise
Than man’s presumption on to-morrow’s dawn?
Where is to-morrow? In another world.
For numbers this is certain; the reverse
Is sure to none; and yet on this perhaps,
This peradventure, infamous for lies,
As on a rock of adamant we build
Our mountain hopes, spin out eternal schemes
As we the Fatal Sisters[*] could out-spin,
And big with life’s futurities, expire.

[Night the First, ll. 373-82]

Where is tomorrow?
In another world.

By following the connections I arrive
Atlantis? Antiterra?

The imaginary museum

[*] See >Xanthippe.

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