Socrates & Alcibiades

(c.470-399 BC) /
Alcibiades (c.450-404 BC):

415 BC – On the morning of the departure of their fleet for Sicily, the people of Athens awoke to find that vandals had been busy during the night, knocking the phallus off every Hermes in the city. These miniature stelae were attached to the fronts of most houses to guarantee fertility and good fortune. Alcibiades, their former golden boy, the darling of Socrates, was blamed (probably unjustly), and summoned back from Syracuse for trial. Instead, he chose exile, and thereafter helped to direct the war against his former countrymen.

[Compendium of World History, p. 234]

The Athenian invasion of Sicily was a disaster, resulting in the death or enslavement of almost the entire Athenian expeditionary force.

Both condemned to death by the Athenians

Alcibiades chooses to go into exile & fight against his own people
Socrates submits to their judgement & takes the hemlock

[*] See >Amnesia.

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